No. Category Title Date
14 Announcement [HSI Futures/HSI Futures RMB ETF] Addendum to Annual Report 2016-11-08
13 Announcement [Leveraged/Inverse Product] Announcement - Cap on Ongoing Charges Figures 2016-09-30
12 Announcement [SAMSUNG ETFs] Change of Application Unit Size and Update Onging Charges Figures and Tracking Difference 2016-08-29
11 Announcement [SAMSUNG ETFS] Announcement - Annual Report 2016-07-29
10 Announcement [Leveraged/Inverse Product] Announcement - Amendments to the Prospectus 2016-06-24
9 Announcement [Leveraged/ Inverse Product] Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited continues innovative streak with launch of first leveraged and inverse products in Hong Kong 2016-06-20
8 Announcement [SAMSUNG ETFs] Reduction in Administrative Transaction Fees 2016-06-02
7 Announcement [Samsung S&P GSCI Crude Oil ER Futures ETF] Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited unveils the first ever futures-based commodity ETF in HK 2016-05-02
6 Announcement [SAMSUNG ETFs] Change of names and secondary market stamp duty 2016-04-14
5 Announcement [Leveraged/Inverse Product] Samsung Asset Management welcomes the Guideline for leveraged and inverse Products in Hong Kong 2016-02-16